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July, 2018 4:04 PM

Greater access to IPOs through OnMarket BookBuilds

TheBull has partnered with OnMarket BookBuilds to provide our clients with even more investment opportunities. In addition to the exclusive capital raisings that TheBull undertakes and offers to our clients, you can now take advantage of offers from OnMarket. Our association with OnMarket will allow you to bid directly on IPOs and have the shares allocated straight to your holdings at TheBull. Through OnMarket our clients will also be able to access free research, management interviews and get notifications on upcoming IPOs. You can join OnMarket by clicking here

OnMarket is Australia’s first online platform that lets all investors buy shares in IPOs free of any fees other than the cost of the shares. Since launching in October 2015 OnMarket has hosted 1 in 3 ASX IPOs, so we are obviously excited to be able to offer our clients access to this cutting-edge platform. For each offer hosted by OnMarket you get easy bidding & payment, free independent research, and a chance to 'meet the management' via exclusive video interviews. Best of all, when you invest in IPOs via OnMarket, any shares you buy can be allocated directly to your TheBull Stockbroking account so you can manage your portfolio without disruption.

IPO Financials

PM Capital GO 2025 Ltd*

Size of Offer: $105-491 million
Minimum Bid: 2100
Opening Date: 13/07/2018
Closing Date: 09/08/2018
Introduction PM Capital GO 2025 Limited (ASX: P25PA), a subsidiary of ASX listed PM Capital Global Opportunities Fund Limited (PGF) is a new type of listed investment company, issuing securities known as P ortfolio T racking Ex changeable R edeemable S ecurities (Converting Securities) (PTrackERS).   PGF is a...
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IPO Energy

1414 Degrees Ltd

Size of Offer: $12.5-25 million
Minimum Bid: 2100
Opening Date: 29/05/2018
Closing Date: 13/08/2018
Introduction 1414 Degrees Limited (ASX: 14D) designs, develops and manufactures Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TESS) that utilise the very high energy density of molten silicon to maximise efficiency.  The TESS is intended to provide affordable and reliable renewable energy storage. The Company’s TESS devices are...
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