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Friday 09

October, 2015 8:56 AM

Stocks to watch

09.10.2015 Stocks of interest on the Australian Securities Exchange on Thursday.

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US stocks rise on dovish Fed minutes

09.10.2015 US stocks rose Thursday.

US dollar dips after Fed minutes show inflation worries

09.10.2015 The dollar fell modestly against other major currencies.

Oil prices stage strong rebound

09.10.2015 The oil market rallied Thursda.

Ansell's year off to a weaker start

08.10.2015 Challenging conditions in north America and Europe, and the impact of China's slowdown, are impacting sales for Ansell..

China brushes off IMF warning on 'unprecedented' challenges

08.10.2015 The IMF cautioned Wednesday that China faces unprecedented challenges modernizing its economy.

How the NBN could boost Australia's GDP by 2%

08.10.2015 NBN can boost Australia?s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by about 2% in the long term.

Why analysts are bullish on Newcrest Mining

06.10.2015 Lower Australian dollar will boost local gold producers and those with offshore operations .

Trader's Toolkit - Simple Moving Average (SMA)

06.10.2015 SMA receives the highest rating because it is the easiest to understand, construct and the most reliable of the moving averages..

18 Share Tips - 5 October 2015

06.10.2015 18 Share Tips to BUY, SELL & HOLD from Australia's leading brokers.

Stocks Beating the Downtrend

06.10.2015 "There's always a Bull Market somewhere.".

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