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Thursday 27

October, 2016 4:08 AM

Deutsche Bank under microscope as legal woes persist

26.10.2016 Germany's biggest lender Deutsche Bank will face renewed probing on Thursday, as investors pore over its third-quarter results after being hit with a multi-billion-dollar fine by the US Department of Justice..

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Inflation climbs from a 17-year low

26.10.2016 Inflation rate edges higher from a 17-year low.

Coles sales pressured by tough competition

26.10.2016 Competition from Woolworths and Aldi, and a drop in consumer spending, have slowed Coles' sales in the first quarter of 2016/17..

Banks ready to 'adjust' over Brexit: Carney

26.10.2016 Britain-based banks can "adjust" their operations over the next year, Bank of England chief Mark Carney said Tuesday when asked about the prospect of lenders relocating abroad because of Brexit..

US judge approves massive VW emissions settlement

26.10.2016 A US judge on Tuesday granted final approval for a $14.7 billion class action settlement in Volkswagen's diesel emissions cheating scandal, the largest such automaker settlement in history..

EU questions budgets of seven eurozone countries

26.10.2016 The European Commission on Tuesday demanded "clarifications" from seven eurozone countries over their draft budgets, expressing particular concern that Italy, Cyprus and Finland are not meeting EU targets..

Inflation Inflection

26.10.2016 Inflection can sometimes be helpful. It?s a useful tool in conversation to indicate a statement as a question. .

18 Share Tips - 24 October 2016

24.10.2016 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

Is it time to bet on casino stocks?

24.10.2016 Investors with nerves of steel sometimes benefit from taking advantage of the adage that says markets shoot first and ask questions later..

Super: 3 investing opportunities for SMSFs

24.10.2016 Focusing on a handful of megatrends and finding ways to gain exposure..

Gold's green light for next upleg

24.10.2017 American stock investors have started heavily buying GLD shares again....

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