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Thursday 21

September, 201711:27 AM

Stocks to watch

21.09.2017 Stocks of interest on the Australian share market.

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Dow, S&P 500 end at records as Fed decision lifts bank stocks

21.09.2017 The Dow finished at its seventh straight record Wednesday with banking shares rallying after the Federal Reserve kept alive the chance of a December interest rate increase..

Asia News Agenda Thursday

21.09.2017 Asia news highlights on Thursday.

Apple shares slip on smartwatch reviews

21.09.2017 Apple shares slipped Wednesday after mixed reviews of its latest smartwatch and amid concerns pre-orders of coming iPhone 8 models were lagging..

GE to sell corporate jets in cost-cutting move

21.09.2017 General Electric plans to sell its corporate jets in a cost-cutting move amid sluggish activity in key industrial divisions, a spokesperson said Wednesday..

OECD calls for cautious approach to rates

21.09.2017 The OECD has warned central banks to take a cautious approach to raising interest rates..

$A slips, but still above 80 US cents

21.09.2017 The Australian dollar has slipped slightly but is still above 80 US cents, despite the greenback strengthening on the FOMC's policy statement..

18 Share Tips - 18 September 2017

18.09.2017 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

In Search of the Next Appen Limited

18.09.2017 Aussie investors have eagerly embraced Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the past few years, especially in companies operating in hot sectors like technology..

Do rising interest rates reduce returns on income investments?

18.09.2017 Income levels overall deteriorated more during times of falling interest rate environments than rising..

Aviation-related stocks flying higher

18.09.2017 New Zealand airlines, airports, delivering strong returns..

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