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Wednesday 23

April, 201410:16 PM

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Stocks to watch at close on Wednesday

23.04.2014 Stocks of interest on the Australian Securities Exchange at the close on Wednesday.

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$A falls on lower than expected inflation

23.04.2014 Lower than expected inflation figures have weighed on the Australian dollar..

Shares hit another high

23.04.2014 The Australian share market has closed at near six year highs, fuelled by lower than expected inflation and encouraging US corporate news..

Eurozone April business activity up

23.04.2014 A survey shows eurozone business activity hit a near three-year high in April as a modest economic recovery gained momentum and began creating jobs..

European stocks steady at open

23.04.2014 Europe's main stock markets have steadied at the open..

Buying a home too expensive, say renters

23.04.2014 The great Aussie dream of owning a home is becoming more distant for many-would-be buyers as property prices continue to rise..

China manufacturing up slightly in April

23.04.2014 HSBC's preliminary purchasing managers' index shows China's crucial manufacturing sector is still shrinking, but at a slower rate..

Contrarians beware - cheap stocks can stay that way

22.04.2014 Do not fall for the greatest bear trap of them all: letting price alone determine whether a stock is cheap..

Tech Stock Buying Opportunities

22.04.2014 Market pullbacks can offer windows of buying opportunity for investors intrepid enough to enter..

Currency alert - 'buying opp' on up-trending NZD/JPY pair

22.04.2014 The pair has a history of big moves. .

18 Share Tips - 22 April 2014

22.04.2014 18 Share Tips to BUY, SELL & HOLD from Australia's leading brokers.


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