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Friday 27

May, 2016 8:17 PM

Perth media deal raises diversity concerns

27.05.2016 Seven West Media is in talks to buy Perth's Sunday Times newspaper from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, but the ACCC may have some concerns..

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Palmer unfazed by big rich list slide

27.05.2016 Clive Palmer says it's more important to be loved and have a warm bed than be wealthy after he slid down the BRW 200 Rich list..

Six events you may have missed

27.05.2016 In 2011, the US suffered the embarrassment of losing its triple-A debt rating for the first time when Republicans abandoned the formality of renewing Washington?s debt limit in an attempt to blackmail Democrats into agreeing to spending cuts..

Big banks' profit growth to slow: Fitch

27.05.2016 Credit rating agency Fitch believes low interest rates and government tax policies have likely contributed to risks including rising household debt..

Philips set to rake in 750 mn euros in IPO windfall

27.05.2016 Dutch electronics giant Philips set a price of 20 euros per share Thursday, a day ahead of a highly anticipated IPO of its lighting arm, and said it was expecting to raise 750 million euros..

Google wins in retrial of Oracle copyright lawsuit

27.05.2016 A jury on Thursday ruled that Google did not unfairly appropriate parts of the Java programming language, saving the tech giant from a possible multibillion-dollar verdict in a lawsuit brought by business software firm Oracle..

McDonald's French HQ raided in tax probe

27.05.2016 French police said Thursday they had raided the French headquarters of McDonald's and seized documents last week as part of an investigation into tax fraud..

Deflation looms: how to be alert amidst the gloom

23.05.2016 Three ways to safeguard your portfolio in an even lower interest-rate environment....

18 Share Tips - 23 May 2016

23.05.2016 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

Resource stocks on the road to recovery

23.05.2016 Commodity prices have been rallying since the beginning of 2016. .

How do management teams turn a company into a world beater?

23.05.2016 So how can companies enjoy the wealth-generating luxury of being protected by a moat?.

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