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Wednesday 04

May, 201611:48 AM

Stocks to watch

04.05.2016 Stocks of interest on the Australian Securities Exchange.

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Has the USD bottomed?

04.05.2016 Equity market sentiment seems to be rolling over globally as the wind begins to come out of the oil price rally..

Microsoft acquires Italian firm in IoT push

04.05.2016 Microsoft on Tuesday announced it has bought an Italian firm specializing in connecting smart objects in the Internet of Things (IoT), continuing its push into cloud computing..

UBS sees share price plunge as net profit slashed by two thirds

04.05.2016 Swiss banking giant UBS on Tuesday saw its share price plummet after jittery investors helped push its first quarter net profit down by nearly two thirds..

Commodities markets summary

04.05.2016 Commodities news from around the world.

Multinationals book more income in Bermuda than China: UN

04.05.2016 Foreign multinationals in 2014 booked more profits in tiny Bermuda than in China, the UN revealed in a report Tuesday likely to bolster growing international outrage over the lack of financial transparency..

$A sinks on oil price drop, rate cut

04.05.2016 The Australian dollar has been the worst-performing currency in the past 24 hours on the back of combined pressure from a rate cut and falling oil prices..

18 Share Tips - 2 May 2016

02.05.2016 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

Is King Coal on Life Support?

02.05.2016 Since the advent of electricity, coal has been viewed as the ?king? of commodities. .

Too many over-optimistic prospectuses

02.05.2016 How can investors trust management if their forecasts have such a wide margin of error?.

Vital Signs: deflation Down Under?

02.05.2016 Australian inflation shocks, making for higher expectations of a budget day rate cut..

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