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April, 2019 8:11 AM

Margin Lending FAQs

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  • How should I set up my margin lending account to protect against losses while the markets are so volatile?VIEW
  • Can I remove the initial cash or sell the shares and still have the margin loan sitting there?VIEW
  • Can I use a margin loan to buy just one stock? VIEW
  • When is my portfolio at risk of falling into margin call territory?VIEW
  • Can anyone take out a margin loan, or do you need assets?VIEW
  • Can the interest on my margin loan be covered by dividends on shares?VIEW
  • What is the loan to value ratio of a share?VIEW
  • What happens if the stock that I have margin lent against falls off the approved list? VIEW
  • Fixed or variable margin loan?VIEW
  • What does it mean to be positively or negatively geared with margin lending? VIEW
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