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Wednesday 16

January, 201911:20 PM

At Detroit auto show, the future of cars is... in the future

16.01.2019 The Detroit auto show kicked off this week with glitzy, high-production value debuts of mostly sports cars, giant trucks and SUVs -- new versions of age-old themes..

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From sizzle to fizzle: Hong Kong's red-hot property market cools

16.01.2019 For young Hong Kongers like Wilson Leung getting a foothold on the city's property ladder has long been a near impossible task but with the notoriously overpriced housing market facing a downturn..

Drought frying Farm Pride egg revenue

16.01.2019 Farm Pride Foods says it expects the factors placing pressure on trading conditions - namely dry weather and oversupply - won't to let up any time soon..

Future Fund super proposal not govt policy

16.01.2019 The federal government is carefully considering superannuation changes but offering everyone a government-run fund isn't policy, the prime minister says..

Royal commission to examine aged care

16.01.2019 The key details of the federal government's royal commission into the aged care sector which opens in Adelaide on Friday..

Atlas oyster theft not exactly a pearler

16.01.2019 Atlas Pearls says an investigation is ongoing into a security incident at one of its remote pearl farms, though the theft will not hurt its bottom line..

Consumer confidence plunges

16.01.2019 Worries about house prices, US-China trade tensions, and even the Australian men's cricket team has pushed consumer confidence 4.7 per cent lower in January..

Coles comes out from Wesfarmers' shadow

14.01.2019 Demerged supermarket chain's defensive qualities appeal in uncertain times..

2018 ASX 200 Winners and Losers

14.01.2019 Twice a year Aussie investors are treated to summary listings of the best and worst performing stocks on the ASX....

The Rising Phenomenon Of Esports

14.01.2019 But the social costs tied to amateur online gaming could hamper their growth..

Gold Stocks Breaking Out

14.01.2019 The gold stocks' young upleg is really growing, on a trajectory to become major. .

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