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  • Why would I buy an ETF rather than a managed fund? What are the advantages of ETFs?View answer
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Trading & Technical Analysis

  • Do I get dividends from CFDs? And how does the process work?View answer
  • Top 5 technical indicators to trade commodities View answer
  • Can support and resistance levels tell you where a share price is heading?View answer

Fundamental Analysis

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  • What are some of the advantages - and risks - of trading CFDs instead of shares?View answer
  • How do I trade CFDs over international shares?View answer
  • When is the best time to trade CFDs?View answer
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  • How do I calculate my gains and/or losses when I sell a CFD?View answer
  • What happens to a CFD short position during a capital rising like a rights issue or placement? View answer
  • How do I select the size of each trade?View answer
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  • How do margin calls work on CFD trading? View answer
  • What does dividend stripping mean?View answer
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  • What is pairs trading?View answer
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  • What does slippage mean, and how can a trader avoid slippage? View answer
  • Why is it bad for a trader to be requoted? View answer
  • How do I trade oil using CFDs?View answer
  • CFD traders are using the 80-20 rule - what is this?View answer
  • Can traders take advantage of high volatility at market open?View answer
  • What is the 2% rule and why should all traders know about it?View answer
  • Does trading based on news and events work?View answer
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  • Is volatility a good or bad thing for trading CFDs?View answer
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  • Where did CFDs come from, and why the weird name?View answer
  • What does the term scalping mean, and how can a scalper make money on CFDs? View answer
  • Trading the top 200 Aussie stocks with an eye on the SPI or the XJO, but never bothView answer
  • How do I maximise returns using share price divergenceView answer


  • What sort of equipment and tools do you need to start trading forex?View answer
  • What is a spot forex rollover?View answer
  • Special Forex Strategies For Trading News EventsView answer
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  • How do I know when I should exit a trade?View answer
  • How do I know where to place my stop loss on a forex trade?View answer
  • With the Aussie at record highs against the Euro and Pound, should I short the Aussie?View answer
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  • Does Any Financial Institution Lend for Investment in Forex?View answer
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  • How do currencies move in relation to each other?View answer
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  • What is the carry trade and how can traders profit from it?View answer
  • What is a popular strategy for short-term forex traders?View answer
  • What do most forex traders do when they trade forex?View answer
  • How can I trade the AUD/USD risking the least amount possible?View answer
  • What are the most important fundamental indicators affecting the AUD/USD?View answer
  • How do you make money by trading currencies that are closely correlated?View answer
  • How can you hedge a US portfolio of shares when the US Dollar is going down? View answer


  • Can the futures market predict if the Australian sharemarket will open higher or lower?View answer
  • Why do futures prices converge on spot prices during the delivery month? View answer
  • What futures contracts are the most popular and who buys them?View answer
  • Can you use the current value of the SPI 200 as a guide to where the market is heading next?View answer


  • Should you choose options with about a month remaining because that is when most of the decay is?View answer
  • What would be the difference/advantage of buying as opposed to selling an option?View answer
  • What is the difference between an exchange traded option and a company option?View answer
  • Is it better to be a buyer or a seller of an option?View answer
  • What is a popular options strategy for traders?View answer
  • What happens if I hold a put option on a stock that's suspended from trade?View answer
  • How to buy shares for less than their current priceView answer
  • What are covered calls and how can you profit from them?View answer
  • Can I buy an option that lasts for two or three years?View answer
  • Why is it bad to buy an option close to its expiry date?View answer
  • Can understanding the options market make you a better share trader? View answer
  • What are naked options and why are they risky?View answer
  • Why buy an option rather than a share?View answer
  • Should I buy options that are in the money or out of the money? View answer
  • Before you start trading options - ask yourself these 5 questions View answer
  • What does delta, gamma, theta and vega mean in options trading? View answer
  • How does the ban on short selling affect options traders? View answer


  • How to make extra income on your sharesView answer
  • What happens when a warrant is out-of-the-money, or in-the-money?View answer
  • What is the difference between American and European style warrants?View answer
  • What are the pros and cons of instalment warrantsView answer
  • Why buy an instalment warrant instead of a share?View answer
  • Can you please explain how instalment warrants are priced? View answer
  • Should I buy a warrant on the primary or secondary market?View answer

Margin Lending

  • How should I set up my margin lending account to protect against losses while the markets are so volatile?View answer
  • Can I remove the initial cash or sell the shares and still have the margin loan sitting there?View answer
  • Can I use a margin loan to buy just one stock? View answer
  • When is my portfolio at risk of falling into margin call territory?View answer
  • Can anyone take out a margin loan, or do you need assets?View answer
  • Can the interest on my margin loan be covered by dividends on shares?View answer
  • What is the loan to value ratio of a share?View answer
  • What happens if the stock that I have margin lent against falls off the approved list? View answer
  • Fixed or variable margin loan?View answer
  • What does it mean to be positively or negatively geared with margin lending? View answer
  • What is a margin loan?View answer

Financial Planning

  • Self-managed super funds and tax exemptions on pension assetsView answer
  • Contributing $100,000 to super this financial yearView answer
  • SMSF strategies for low income earnersView answer
  • I wanna build MORE in Super but they won't let me!View answer
  • What sort of investments will reduce tax in my family trust?View answer

Super & Retirement

  • Allocated pensions and the new tax free rulesView answer
  • Making lump sum contributions to superView answer
  • Commencing a transition to retirement strategy while still adding to super - Part 2View answer
  • Commencing a transition to retirement strategy while still adding to superView answer
  • Updating the trust deed in a SMSFView answer
  • At 65, can I live off saved income and let my super accumulate for another 12 months?View answer
  • Why buy instalment warrants in a DIY fundView answer
  • Should I roll my SMSF into an allocated pension? View answer
  • Should I sell my home, buy a cheaper one, and invest the remaining funds for retirement? View answer
  • Do you pay tax when rolling shares into a self managed super fund? View answer
  • I am tossing up between a DIY super fund or opening a wrap accountView answer
  • How best to handle retirement payouts without jeopardising the age pension View answer
  • Transition to Retirement strategy - is it tax effective? View answer
  • Clever DIY super strategy - but is it legal with the ATO? View answer
  • Should I add to super or pay off debt? View answer
  • Are allocated pensions all that they are cracked up to be? View answer
  • Can your super fund collapse? View answer
  • Should I leave my money in super or start an allocated pension?View answer
  • When starting a pension do I have to convert all of my super to a pension?View answer
  • Dumping cash into super before retirement View answer


  • Tax-effective loans for buying propertyView answer
  • I have sold an investment property and want to put the proceeds into my DIY fundView answer
  • Rent out your home without paying tax View answer


  • What factors determine how much we pay for petrol at the pump?View answer
  • The impact of commodities prices on mining companiesView answer
  • How can I profit from oil price fluctuations?View answer
  • Why do commodities traders always check the LME website?View answer
  • How do I predict commodities prices? View answer
  • How to profit from trading frozen orange juiceView answer


  • Which factor do you think affects the Aussie dollar the most?View answer


  • How to know if a share price has bottomed or topped View answer
  • Why do some stocks have a bigger gap between Bid and Ask prices? View answer
  • How do I calculate the Average True Range on stocks to set a stop loss position?View answer
  • Should I reinvest dividends or cash out?View answer
  • What are dividend reinvestment plans? View answer
  • Why do companies care when their share price falls? View answer
  • How do I determine the best stock to trade?View answer
  • What does it mean when a share goes ex-dividend?View answer
  • When stock prices fall, where does my money go - can money just disappear? View answer


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