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Wednesday 23

January, 2019 6:26 PM


  • Australian finance job market shrinks by nearly 10%

    The Royal Commission inquiry has caused many issues to occur in Australia, from executives losing their roles to dips in profit margins and non-cyclical mortgage rate hikes, but the job market for those lower in the chain had yet to experience severe

  • Australian wine exports slow as Chinese economy struggles

    In a sure sign that the US-China trade war is beginning to bite elsewhere, the Australian wine sector grew at its slowest pace since 2014, according to data released last week. Worries that China is now seeing the effects of embarking on retaliatory

  • Australia sees renewable surge with 2 million solar-powered homes

    Australia appears to be taking up the mantle when it comes to the threat of climate change, as the nation now has 2 million homes powered by solar.

  • Labor warned over dividend reform policy

    The Australian Labor Party may be slightly out in front when it comes to the polls, but its fiscal policies are going to get a rigorous public airing. Labor's negative gearing reforms faced criticism from many sides of the political sphere but did re

  • Hong Kong set to adopt Open Banking

    Hong Kong is set to be one of the first countries to fully embrace Open Banking. A survey by Accenture found that the concept is much more appealing to those in the autonomous region than it is to some of the major Western countries that have tried t

  • Current car finance deals to undergo investigation by ASIC

    With plenty of major lenders in the Australian finance sector having already fallen foul of regulators, there is continually less surprise when another goes into the mire.

  • Credit agency forecasts Australia for biggest housing drop worldwide

    Australia's real estate market has been a problem for some time, but it is now facing an even worse landscape. A variety of problems, from banks struggling to control their loans to political uncertainty, has led a leading global credit agency, Fitch

  • Consumer confidence boosted by drop in petrol prices

    Among the doom and gloom surrounding many global markets, Australia has been a relative beacon of stability in recent years. However, this has started to shift in the last year as a housing slump threatens to take its toll.

  • RBA faces growing calls to cut rates

    Despite having successfully fended off calls to taper its cash rates up until now, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is facing pressure to bring them down as yet another bank increases its interest rates.

  • Saudi Arabia plans large-scale renewable energy generation

    The Arab States of the Persian Gulf have long been known as some of the most dependent regions on oil worldwide, with their rich availability of natural resources allowing them to develop significant financial influence.

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