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Sunday 23

September, 201812:36 PM

The Week Ahead

21.09.2018 September concludes with updates on consumer confidence, construction activity, household wealth, job vacancies and credit growth..

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Turkey fines Google over competition infringements

21.09.2018 Turkey's Competition Authority has fined US tech giant Google around $15 million for violating competition rules in sales of mobile software..

EU raises pressure as UK promises new Brexit plans

21.09.2018 EU leaders refused to give ground to Britain's Theresa May on Thursday, warning that her Brexit plan is unacceptable, even as she offered to come up with new proposals for the Irish border..

Big life insurer shifts to activity tracking in health push

21.09.2018 Financial giant John Hancock is converting all its life insurance policies to an incentive-based system using activity tracking, a move aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles but which also raises privacy questions..

CEO change dims Michael Hill stock lustre

21.09.2018 Jewellery chain Michael Hill has hired Specialty Fashion's Daniel Bracken as chief executive to replace Phil Taylor, who quit to deal with a health problem..

Car yard insurance commissions exorbitant

21.09.2018 An industry body says the levels of commission for the sale of add-on insurance in car yards is excessive, but doesn't back a ban..

Foundation not mentioned in reef meetings

21.09.2018 A Senate inquiry has heard meetings of senior officials involved in saving the Great Barrier Reef did not canvass giving money to a charity..

18 Share Tips - 17 September 2018

17.09.2018 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

Tourism and resource-related tailwinds aid charter airline

17.09.2018 Alliance Aviation Services takes off as increasing passenger numbers turn prospects around.

Cashing in on the Falling Dollar

17.09.2018 How low can it go?.

Silver Miners' Second Quarter 2018

17.09.2018 The major silver miners? stocks have been thrashed....

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