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Friday 17

August, 2018 7:21 PM

The Week Ahead

17.08.2018 A quiet week is in prospect in Australia. The CBA?s Business Sales Indicator is released on Monday..

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Lending tightens amid banking inquiry

17.08.2018 The banking royal commission has provided much-needed 'disinfectant' for the sector which has put a focus on sales before customer service..

Rates to head up as jobs market booms

17.08.2018 Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe has laid out his thoughts about interest rates, the economy, jobs and the banking royal commission..

Tesla sues Ontario over scrapped electric car rebate

17.08.2018 US electric automaker Tesla has sued the government of Ontario, Canada, after the province scrapped a rebate initiative for purchases of electric cars, Canadian media reported Thursday..

Overseas ties an economic asset: RBA boss

17.08.2018 The head of the RBA says he says the overseas family and business ties of migrants to Australia as a huge asset for the nation..

Wider product range boosts Kogan profit

17.08.2018 Online retailer Kogan says an expanded product range and marketing has helped nearly quadruple full year net profit to $14.1 million..

Evolution full-year profit jumps

17.08.2018 Evolution Mining has posted a full-year profit of $263.4 million, helped by the sale of its Edna May gold mine in Western Australia..

18 Share Tips - 13 August 2018

13.08.2018 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

Soaring population a multi-sector tailwind

13.08.2018 Select retailers poised to benefit from ballooning base of permanent residents..

Buy High, Sell Higher

13.08.2018 When it comes to adopting an investment philosophy, what could be more appealing to newcomers to share markets than the common-sense maxim, buy low, sell high. .

Gold Stocks' Autumn Rally

13.08.2018 The gold miners' stocks have suffered a psychologically-grating year so far. .

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