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Wednesday 16

January, 201911:18 PM

Mary Blake

  • Saudi Arabia plans large-scale renewable energy generation

    The Arab States of the Persian Gulf have long been known as some of the most dependent regions on oil worldwide, with their rich availability of natural resources allowing them to develop significant financial influence.

  • Insolvency companies warn SMEs about alternative financing

    As the major banks rein in their lending patterns because of the fallout from the Royal Commission inquiry, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been looking for alternative ways to keep their businesses running.

  • APRA to ease restrictions on Western Australia's housing market

    With the Australian housing market continually stunting, many states have now found that their individual circumstances mirror wider trends, especially in terms of falling house prices in the major cities.

  • Australian businesses warn of potential credit crunch ahead

    The Royal Commission inquiry into financial misconduct blew up throughout 2018, serving as a warning to Australian banking bosses who may have thought that they could get away with reckless lending behavior. It already appears that this could all ca

  • Key indicators from the Australian economy in 2018

    There is little doubt that 2018 was a year of ups and downs in many sectors as worldwide volatility attempted to undermine what could otherwise have been a year of gains in certain areas.

  • NAB business arm admits to nerves over credit lines

    It may seem surprising that Australia?s banks are not more bullish at present, given their need to present a case of strong future direction and growth to help secure support in volatile times. However, considering the backlash from the Royal Commiss

  • Genex hydro project gets funding green light

    The hydro revolution continues to take place in Australia, as Genex Power has confirmed that it is partnering with Energy Australia to deliver a hydro storage solution to power up to 260,000 households.

  • NAB expects to increase New Zealand investment

    National Australia Bank (NAB) has confirmed that it is looking into the possibility of increasing the amount of capital that it currently has in the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ), its subsidiary, up to A$4.7bn.

  • Credit agency expects negative impact from proposed encryption laws

    Much attention has focused on Australia's proposed encryption laws to try and contain Google and Facebook in recent weeks, and now the backlash has begun to grow further. One leading global credit agency, Fitch, highlighted what it believes could be

  • Australian banks prepare to sell off their ATMs

    In a further sign that Australia is slowly but surely heading toward a cashless society, Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has confirmed that it has given its approval for the leading Australian banks to sell off their ATM holdings.

  • Climate finance increased since Paris agreement in 2015

    Many people, especially those who are dealing with potentially toxic assets, have acknowledged that they cannot ignore the idea of climate change forever, especially when it comes to investing.

  • Babcock agrees on deal with Australian navy

    UK engineering company Babcock confirmed this week that it has struck a deal with the Australian navy worth A$1.5billion to provide a range of services in an agreement that will span the next 15 years.

  • Adani set to self-finance new Australian coal mine

    Despite pressure from environmental groups, Indian mining company Adani is set to press ahead with its intentions to build a coal mine in Queensland.

  • BlackRock confirms intentions to focus on Asia Pacific

    BlackRock has announced that its Asia Pacific branch's new Head and Chair will be Geraldine Buckingham. The US investment giant sought to promote from within as it looks to increase its market share in the region, which is rapidly becoming of interes

  • RBA Governor rails against banks' sales-first priorities

    Philip Lowe, Governor of Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), has railed against what he calls a culture of placing "sales over service" as the fallout from the Royal Commission inquiry into financial misconduct threatens to spill over into 2019.

  • APEC summit fails to reach concluding statement

    In a blow that may not come as entirely surprising for some of the smaller countries involved, the ongoing trade war between the US and China entirely overshadowed the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum held in Papua New Guinea (PNG) this

  • 75% of Australian homes sold for less than purchased

    Startling new figures from property data specialists Corelogic revealed that a whopping three-quarters of all Australian homes lost their value in the three months leading to October 2018. The figures showed that these homes sold for less than their

  • Tesla announces Robyn Denholm as Chair, replacing Elon Musk

    While outspoken inventor Elon Musk will remain the CEO of Tesla, his recent Twitter outbursts have landed him in hot water with US regulators, and he stepped aside from the company?s board as part of a settlement.

  • APRA asks for extra influence to regulate retirement funds

    The Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) believes that it needs more powers to intervene in certain sectors when necessary and has identified the retirement fund industry as one that needs more scrutiny.

  • World Bank calls New Zealand best country for business

    New Zealand has come out on top again in the World Bank?s official rankings of the best place to do business, despite making no changes to its business practices over the last year.


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