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Wednesday 16

January, 201911:17 PM

Nigel Frith

  • RBA faces growing calls to cut rates

    Despite having successfully fended off calls to taper its cash rates up until now, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is facing pressure to bring them down as yet another bank increases its interest rates.

  • KPMG gives backing to Labor's negative gearing plan

    In a move that could well upset the current political discourse, one of the world's leading accounting and consultancy companies, KPMG, has backed the negative gearing reforms to tackle house prices that the Australian Labor Party has set out.

  • Australian company Bastion looks to compete with WPP and Omnicom

    It seems like a long time has passed since the likes of WPP and Omnicom were effectively challenged in the market. Since their inception as holding companies, going far beyond the original intent of their business strategies, they have evolved into s

  • Sales of new cars drop in Australia

    In a worrying sign that a global credit crunch may well be on the way, the news that new car sales are slumping in the US is similar to a scenario unraveling in Australia. Part of this is due to reduced disposable income, and lower average household

  • Nearly a million interest-only loans to expire in January

    Interest-only (IO) loans have long been somewhat of a scapegoat for the problems that have plagued the Australian banking sector over the last few years. With many IOs viewed as a type of loan that should only be handed out in specific circumstances,

  • Changes in Chinese capital development will influence green finance

    Although the uptake has been slow from an international perspective, it appears that China's effort to change the way that it deals with capital concerning green bonds and loans is set to cause a global ripple effect on green finance in general.

  • Blockchain set to bring down costs of ocean conservation

    Australia finds itself in an interesting position when it comes to keeping the ocean fresh and clean. Not only does the Great Barrier Reef bring a great deal of money into the country from a tourism perspective, but as a large island surrounded by a

  • Big insurers will not cover Adani coal mine

    In a sign that environmental pressure is escalating, many of the world?s biggest insurers have now said that they will not cover the proposed Adani coal mine in Carmichael.

  • Xinja officially becomes bank after getting APRA approval

    With Australia's major banks stumbling in the wake of the Royal Commission inquiry, there have been many reports of consumers starting to look elsewhere as their trust in the biggest lenders dwindles.

  • Australian renewable energy fund gets backing from green bank

    Positive developments are arising out of Australia in regard to green finance, as a new renewable energy fund is getting the go-ahead.


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