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Tuesday 11

December, 2018 8:11 PM

Journalists urge EU to resist lobbying by tech giants

11.12.2018 Top journalists called on the EU Tuesday to resist intense lobbying by Internet giants to gut a law which would force them to pay for the news content they pick up..

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The Daily Fix - Trader thoughts on the session

11.12.2018 We've seen some signs of stability return to Asian equities after yesterdays dump and exodus to cash. .

Shortcomings in Ausgrid deal: NSW auditor

11.12.2018 A report by the NSW auditor-general has found shortcomings in the way the state government privatised more than half of its electricity assets..

New land taxes could fund infrastructure

11.12.2018 Infrastructure Australia wants governments to look at new taxes to fund major projects because funding has not kept up with population growth..

CEO says Google has 'checks and balances' against bias

11.12.2018 Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said Monday that the internet giant steers clear of "political bias," arguing that this is a core principle of its business to maintain trust of users..

Tariffs prompt GoPro to pull manufacturing from China

11.12.2018 GoPro on Monday announced plans to pull production of US-bound cameras out of China to avoid tariffs that could push up its prices in a fiercely competitive market..

New Taco Bell push to test Aussie appetite

11.12.2018 Dual-listed fast food franchisee operator Restaurant Brands New Zealand is set to open 60 Taco Bell stores in NZ, NSW and the ACT, starting in 2019..

18 Share Tips - 10 December 2018

10.12.2018 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

Active role for Exchange Traded Funds

10.12.2018 Strategy for investors to profit from a potential short-term recovery in S&P/ASX 200 index..

Seeking Alpha in Medical Treatment Stocks

10.12.2018 Most high-risk retail investors remain in a never-ending pursuit of ?seeking alpha?....

Junior Gold Mining Stocks Poised To Surge

10.12.2018 The definitive list of elite 'junior' gold stocks to analyze comes from the world?s most-popular junior-gold-stock investment vehicle..

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