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April, 2019 6:38 PM

Voters want public services over tax cuts

Voters want public services over tax cuts

Coalition supporters want the federal government to pay down debt, while Labor voters are more interested in more funding for services, a Newspoll has found.

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By AAP 12.02.2019 06:35 AM

Australian voters are more interested in spending on public services than personal income tax cuts or cutting government debt.

A Newspoll of more than 1500 voters has found 33 per cent believe increased funding for services should be the top priority, followed by 30 per cent who want government debt to be dealt with.

Slashing income tax was the main priority for 27 per cent of voters, according to the poll published by The Australian on Tuesday.

However, among coalition voters, paying down government debt was the top priority, with 45 per cent ranking it as their most pressing concern, compared to 18 per cent of Labor voters and 17 per cent of Greens.

The results were reversed among Labor voters, with 49 per cent saying increased funding of government services should be the key priority, compared to 19 per cent of coalition supporters.

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