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Uber coming to the Northern Territory

Uber coming to the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory government says the ride-sharing company Uber will start operating in the Top End in August.

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By AAP 04.07.2018 12:12 PM

Ride-sharing company Uber will start operating in Darwin next month.

NT Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Minister Eva Lawler says the introduction of the service delivers on an election promise and is a win for Territorians and the economy.

"We listened to what Territorians wanted and we delivered," Ms Lawler said.

"This will also create many local jobs, something the territory government has made very clear is its absolute priority."

Changes to allow ride-sharing were introduced last year and included slashing annual taxi licence fees and introducing a $1 levy on all taxi, minibus, private hire car and ride-sharing trips.

Ms Lawler said the changes followed extensive consultation with the taxi industry and Uber drivers would be subject to the same safety regulations as other commercial vehicle operators.

"All ride-sharing vehicles and drivers must meet the same safety requirements as existing commercial passenger vehicles, which means passengers can be assured of safe and reliable transport," she said.

Uber NT manager Alex Golden said the company expected to launch in Darwin in late August.

"Ride-sharing is different in every city and in the NT we expect riders to be most active on weekends when locals are looking for a safe way to get home, as well as around peak tourism periods and major events," he said.

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