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Red tape cut at Sydney's beer breweries

Red tape cut at Sydney's beer breweries

The state government has cut the red tape for microbreweries in Sydney's innerwest allowing them to trade like bars rather than only offer tastings.

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By AAP 28.06.2018 05:30 PM

Microbreweries in Sydney's trendy inner west will be able to trade as bars in a 12-month trial rather than just being allowed to offer tastings, the state government has announced.

Up until now, craft brewers have only been allowed to offer tastings, unless they have a special "drink on premises" authorisation along with council approval.

"This trial - which also applies to producers of spirits, liqueurs and cider - will cut red tape and allow beer lovers to enjoy more of their favourite drop," Racing Minister Paul Toole said in a statement on Thursday.

Breweries in Sydney's inner west are celebrating having advocated for the government to clarify the ambiguous regulations.

Young Henrys Brewery co-owner Richard Adamson welcomed the trial and said he would be "really happy" to see it rolled out across the rest of the state.

"It will make it a more relaxed environment for someone coming in to enjoy a will also change the landscape for those trying to open breweries as well," Mr Adamson told AAP on Thursday.

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