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Analytica not our 'cup of tea': business

Analytica not our 'cup of tea': business

Business Council of Australia chief Jennifer Westacott says controversial research firm Cambridge Analytica wasn't the right fit for the lobby group.

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By AAP 03.05.2018 08:28 AM

The head of the business lobby insists controversial research firm Cambridge Analytica wasn't the council's "cup of tea".

Business Council of Australia chief executive Jennifer Westacott and colleagues sat down with representatives in Washington last year.

Cambridge Analytica has since made headlines after it was revealed it misused personal information from as many as 87 million Facebook accounts, including Australian users.

On Thursday it announced it is shutting down and starting bankruptcy proceedings.

Ms Westacott argued there was nothing wrong in the council meeting with a whole range of people after the election of Donald Trump.

But she insisted the organisation was not using Cambridge Analytica.

"They were not our cup of tea," she told ABC radio.

"People have been on our backs for years about getting with modern campaigning. People can't have it both ways."

Ms Westacott denied the council's new campaigning push was controversial, or that it was raising money solely for a campaign on company tax cuts.

Instead the funds are going towards 'Australian At Work' - a campaign to remind people that business generates 86 per cent of the country's jobs.

It is also doing a regional business campaign with Sky News and a grassroots effort in marginal seats called 'The Common Good'.

"Why is it controversial when the centre says it wants to step up its campaign," she said.

"Why is it not controversial when other groups robocall people two days before an election to tell them Medicare is being privatised which was absolutely not true."

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