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Charles Bliss

Charles Bliss is the Editor-in-Chief of

Tony Featherstone

Tony Featherstone is the former Managing Editor of Shares Magazine and Personal Investor Magazine, and is the editor of ASX Investor News. As a finance journalist and editor for the past 20 years, Tony is considered one of Australia's leading experts on investing and small cap stocks.

Anthony Black

Anthony Black is a long-standing journalist, having worked in newspapers for more than 20 years. He was the Sunday Herald-Sun's finance editor for eight years and his reports were published in News Limited papers across Australia.

Bob Kohut

Bob Kohut has been writing about finance for more than 30 years. As an active trader he brings a unique perspective to share market trading and investing issues.

James Dunn

James Dunn was the founding editor of Shares magazine, investment editor at The Australian and has written for BRW, Personal Investor and The Age. He is the author of Share Investing for Dummies. In 1984, James won two BMWs on Sale of the Century. Selling the cars financed a share portfolio, which unfortunately did not survive the 1987 crash. This event inspired James to become a finance journalist.

Stephen Calder

Stephen Calder started as a financial journalist on The Australian in the early 1970s, then joined the Sydney Futures Exchange in 1980 and spent the next ten years as the exchange's Public Relations and Education Manager. He has been a specialist writer on derivatives since 1996, having written for Personal Investment, Investorweb, Shares magazine, Smart Investor and the Australian Financial Review.

Sandrina Riddell

Sandrina Riddell is registered as a Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA) with National Futures Association (NFA), the self-regulatory organization for commodities and futures markets in the United States. As a CTA she directs managed futures accounts for clients. She was also a contributor for the well-known U.S. publication Futures Magazine.

Gail Tverberg

Gail Tverberg is an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. The financial system is also likely to be affected.

Ron Hera

Ron Hera, who is the founder of Hera Research, LLC and the principal author of the Hera Research Newsletter, holds a master`s degree from Stanford University and is a member of Mensa and of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. A native Californian, Ron is a self described escapee from Silicon Valley, California. Originally a serial entrepreneur and private investor in communications software and mobile technology, Ron turned his attention to investing in natural resources, such as precious metals, after the dot-com bubble and stock market crash of 2000.

Adam Hamilton & Scott Wright

Adam Hamilton and Scott Wright are principals of US company Zeal, and live for studying and trading the markets. Zeal employs innovative cutting-edge technical analysis as well as deep fundamental analysis to inform and educate people on how to grow and protect their capital through all market conditions.

David Fetterman

David has been writing professionally on technology, law and finance for more than 20 years. He has also edited textbooks on securities law and real property law

Larissa Tuohy

Larissa Tuohy is the former editor of Money Management magazine. Larissa specialises in writing about superannuation, DIY strategies and retirement planning.

Jan McCallum

Jan McCallum is an established journalist with publications such as BRW, the Far Eastern Economic Review, The Australian Financial Review, The Australian and The Herald Sun. Jan's previous role was based in Beijing, editing financial news for Xinhua Finance News. She has worked as a journalist in Hong Kong, has written a book for Rio Tinto, and is an ex finance editor of the Sunday Herald Sun.

William Travis

William Travis CFA worked in the Capital Markets industry for over fifteen years, most recently as a NASDAQ Equity Trader and Market Maker in the OTC Market, assisting institutional investors, Hedge Funds, and high net worth individuals. William has worked on some of Wall Street`s leading Equity Trading Desks such as Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Canada. William has investment, trading and portfolio construction expertise in equities, warrants, interest rate futures, bonds, options, spot and forward foreign exchange products.

Expert Panel

TheBull has hunted down the best in the industry for our expert panel. Our experts provide specific information on trading and investing products, strategies and systems.

Staff Journalist

The staff journalists at TheBull work around the clock bring you all the latest stockmarket news & views.


Australian Associated Press was founded in 1935 as a cooperative news gathering organisation for the mutual benefit of its 14 newspaper members. The principles upon which AAP was founded over 70 years ago - impartiality, independence, accuracy, reliability and speed - remain at its heart today.


Agence France-Presse (AFP) is an international news agency headquartered in Paris. Founded in 1944, it is the third largest in the world.

Jonathan Reichard

Jonathan Reichard is originally from Mackay in Queensland and spent eight years in the newsroom of Financial News in London, part of the Wall Street Journal Europe group. He currently writes about the securities industry covering the Australian, European and US markets.

Nigel Frith

Nigel is the General Manager of Financial Services at Catena Media. He has a background in marketing for businesses and consumers as well working in a variety of online financial services roles, including being the former Global General Manager at FXcompared. Nigel has 16 years digital experience with 6+ years of board level experience within performance based digital businesses. Nigel is an expert at digital marketing, technology strategy, project management and product development, with a track record of developing and implementing business growth.

Mary Blake

Mary is a Chicago native and only relocated to Australia a few years ago, having finally been convinced by her husband to make the move from the US by way of a continuing bribe of Insider Membership at the Sydney Opera House, which she receives every year on their wedding anniversary.

Mary is a private equity specialist and is an expert at sourcing capital, with a particular focus on business growth and expansion. She has also given talks on managed buyouts and written detailed guides on corporate restructuring. In her own words, Mary has a fascination for all things financial and has turned her writing talents to a broad range of subjects. She holds a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago and has worked hard to make the expertise she gained from the research she conducted accessible to people of all levels of financial understanding.

Mary is a lover of shows and festivals and most fondly remembers securing tickets for and then seeing Bob Dylan at the Sydney Opera House in 2014. She is also a lover of art and can often be found wandering the halls of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, where she hopes to become a community ambassador in the future.

Ethan Cameron

Hailing from a large Melbourne-based family of Irish heritage, Ethan broke the Cameron mould by setting his sights on a career in hedge fund portfolio management. While he is keen to say that his job is not as glamorous as his brothers would like to believe, Ethan still gets a thrill out of his work and enjoys few things more than finely crafting effective investment strategies. He has been working with the same team of analysts and researchers for many years and likes to think of them as having a hive-like mind - always anticipating their respective needs and working with maximum efficiency and communication.

There are few writers more experienced than Ethan in making crucial portfolio decisions and who are as tapped into underlying global market conditions, so we welcome his regular contributions to The Bull. He is a keen investor himself and has a particular interest in ethical and socially responsible investing, which he often champions to friends, colleagues and anyone else who will listen.

Ethan is also a lover of the sea, taking regular sailing trips with his faithful dog Murphy (which means sea warrior in Irish), and he is always planning their next adventure.

Oliver King

Oliver describes himself as a rare beast, being a third-generation financial advisor, and both of his parents are well respected financial advisors in their own right. Oliver decided to ignore the temptation to buck the tradition, though he does recall holding short-lived dreams of becoming a professional rugby player until his first minor concussion. Ultimately that decision was fortunate for us at The Bull, as Oliver brings his undeniable familial and personal knowledge to our pages.

In his career he has written for several financial magazines and still writes a regular column for his small local newspaper, honing his style to best bring sound financial advice to his readers, particularly in regard to superannuation. His personal goal would be to see everybody enjoying the benefits and security of a robust pension plan.

Oliver has an obsession with news in all subjects around the world and refuses to say how large his collection of newspapers is or how much of his garage space it takes up. As such, he is usually the first to know about goings-on in the finance world and is a particular follower of new government regulations. He lives in Canberra with his wife Amelia and their three cats.

Thomas Hudson

Thomas would be the first to admit that he has an interesting history in the world of finance. He has been an insurance sales rep, a claims handler and a trainee stockbroker before finally settling down in the world of public accountancy. He is a member of the Institute of Public Accountants and has contributed to several special interest groups and committees.

As a public accountant, Thomas has a fantastic understanding of financial audits, transactions, tax and tracking, while his past endeavours and history of financial wanderlust have given him an even wider view of finance as a whole. His experience enables him to find and write the most interesting stories for a range of readers, from keen amateurs through to finance professionals. In his time, Thomas has covered articles on stocks, share trading, investing, CFDs, futures and properties, to name just a few.

In his personal life, Thomas is a long-standing swimming teacher and has coached his daughter Evie to a number of local and regional championships. He also has a son named after Australian swimming legend Ian Thorpe. More recently, Thomas has qualified as an outdoor wild swimming coach and spends his weekends trying to find the best new waters.

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