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Wednesday 16

April, 2014 5:16 PM

Industry Chart

Stocks to watch at close on Wednesday

16.04.2014 Stocks of interest on the Australian Securities Exchange at the close on Wednesday.

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US gains and mining updates boost shares

16.04.2014 The Australian share market has closed higher on the back of a positive US lead and solid production reports from some big miners..

Iluka falls after lower production data

16.04.2014 Shares in Iluka Resource have fallen six per cent after the company says production and revenue is down as it operates below full production rates..

Afternoon Thoughts

16.04.2014 Asia has shown less caution to Ukraine concerns than Europe, with big volatility seen in DAX futures..

Bad news in China is good for BHP

16.04.2014 BHP lifted iron ore guidance on a day that bad economic news in China meant good news for the outlook for the steel making commodity..

Big pickup in foreign home buyers

16.04.2014 A survey shows that the number of foreign buyers for Australian homes has jumped greatly in the March quarter..

Economic growth expectations weaken

16.04.2014 Economic growth could stay below trend for a few more months as consumer sentiment and employment expectations remain weak..

Stocks for Growth and Value

14.04.2014 There are a variety of metrics used to ferret out GARP candidates, but income through dividend payments and future revenue and earnings growth are at the top of the list for GARP investors. .

Top Chinese property and oilfield service stocks

14.04.2014 Two Asian analysts share their top picks within China's property and oilfield services sectors..

The next big internet stocks, buy on the cheap

14.04.2014 Buying the leading internet stocks during sharemarket corrections over the past five years has been a rewarding strategy. .

18 Share Tips - 14 April 2014

14.04.2014 18 Share Tips to BUY, SELL & HOLD from Australia's leading brokers.


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