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Tuesday 09

February, 2016 4:25 PM

Slide in Fox earnings in line with forecasts

09.02.2016 21st Century Fox reported a sharp drop in profits in the past quarter, largely in line with forecasts for Rupert Murdoch's media-entertainment conglomerate..

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Consumer confidence fairly flat

09.02.2016 Consumer confidence rose by just 0.2 per cent in the week ending February 7, breaking a four-week decline, according to a survey..

Housing boom lifts Nick Scali's profits

09.02.2016 Furniture retailer Nick Scali has booked a strong half year profit that has driven its share price more than six per cent higher..

London hikes currency reserves amid Brexit risk

09.02.2016 London has ramped up its foreign exchange reserves in a move described by British media on Monday as a war chest against market chaos should Britain leave the European Union..

Stimulus and oil responsible for eurozone growth

09.02.2016 The uncertainties threatening the global economy are not coming from the eurozone, where growth is essentially due to stimulus and cheap oil, a European Central Bank official said Monday..

Another tough start for Asia

09.02.2016 The Asian equity cash market open promises to be a pretty ugly time and those off celebrating Lunar New Year will be happy their markets are closed..

Banking shares plummet on economic slowdown fears

09.02.2016 Shares of large banks and other financial stocks were pummelled on Wall Street Monday as fears of a US economic slowdown heightened worries over deteriorating credit quality..

18 Share Tips - 8 February 2016

08.02.2016 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

Defensive stock to watch in volatile markets

08.02.2016 When economies slow, one is reminded of the value of owning defensive stocks..

Looking for Safety in Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks

08.02.2016 Do dividend payers fall less than non-dividend payers in stormy weather?.

Three factors pushing Australian banks into a retreat home

08.02.2016 History shows that successfully becoming a multinational bank operating in many countries is difficult..

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