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Tuesday 20

March, 2018 4:56 AM

State targets make energy plan immaterial

19.03.2018 Energy analysts say state renewable energy targets are driving far more investment than predicted under the Turnbull government's new energy policy..

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Analysts expect Coles value to lag Woolies

19.03.2018 A standalone Coles supermarket won't enjoy the same heft on the share market as its arch-rival Woolworths, a new analyst report suggests..

US crude exports becoming bigger presence in global oil

19.03.2018 Boosted by surging output, the United States is becoming a significant exporter of crude oil, a shift that is remaking American infrastructure and altering the global petroleum market..

Zara and H&M shore up defences as internet threatens

19.03.2018 Logistics investments, new technology... Faced with fierce online competition from the likes of Amazon....

US 'will fail if it tries to split Europe': Germany

19.03.2018 US President Donald Trump "will not succeed" in dividing European nations against one another over trade, German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier warned Sunday ahead of a visit to Washington..

SA government likely to back energy plan

19.03.2018 Cabinet minister Simon Birmingham believes the new South Australian government will sign up to the national energy guarantee..

Crypto assets don't pose risk -- yet: FSB study

19.03.2018 Virtual currencies and so-called crypto assets do not, yet, pose a systemic risk, the body which makes recommendations about the financial system said in a study released Sunday..

18 Share Tips - 19 March 2018

19.03.2018 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

The pick of 'industry roll-up' companies

19.03.2018 Veterinary services provider Greencross the pick of 'industry roll-up' companies .

A Surprising New Market for Medical Marijuana

19.03.2018 Some investors to date have been handsomely rewarded on Cannabis stocks. .

Shedding light on trade turmoil

19.03.2018 Over the past week financial markets have reacted negatively to the President's announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminum....

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