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Wednesday 31

August, 2016 4:02 PM

CommSec Options Insights

31.08.2016 In many of the notes we have written in the past 6-12 months, we have mainly discussed writing ETOs....

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Housing boom lifts Harvey Norman's profit

31.08.2016 Retailer Harvey Norman's annual year profit has grown by 30 per cent as it enjoyed a surge in homewares and furniture sales..

Wellard misses prospectus targets

31.08.2016 Live cattle exporter Wellard Group has made a $23.3 million annual net loss, missing its prospectus forecast of a $9 million net profit..

Australian Ethical reports strong full year results Net profit up 53%

31.08.2016 Financial highlights (all comparisons to year ended 30 June 2015).

Feds Fischer jawbones the dollar again

31.08.2016 The US dollar loves Stanley Fischer at the moment. One would have thought his third appearance in a week and a half would have dulled the impact of his jawboning, but no..

Adelaide Brighton 1H net profit drops 6.7%

31.08.2016 Adelaide Brighton's interim net profit has fallen 6.7 per cent, with fewer property transactions booked compared to the same time the previous year..

Twitter offers video creators share of ad money

31.08.2016 Twitter on Tuesday began offering video creators a cut of ad revenue in a move that could help it better compete with YouTube and Facebook for content viewers seek..

18 Share Tips - 29 August 2016

29.08.2016 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

Is it time to sell these stocks?

29.08.2016 Dont bail out too soon on these three high performers by confusing price with value..

Dividends -- Sometimes They Come Back

29.08.2016 Companies pay dividends to shareholders not out of some altruistic instinct, but rather to attract more investors to buy the stock, driving up the price. .

Not on struggle street yet, but mortgage stress risk is rising

29.08.2016 Newly released analysis from Roy Morgan reaffirms that it is the lowest-income households that face the highest mortgage stress..

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