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Wednesday 12

December, 2018 8:46 AM

Stocks to watch

12.12.2018 Stocks of interest at the close of trade on the ASX on Tuesday, December 11..

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McDonald's unveils plan for cutting antibiotics in beef

12.12.2018 McDonald's announced a plan on Tuesday for a phased reduction of antibiotics in beef, expanding a health-oriented reform to a new meat source other than chicken..

May gets cool reception in Europe as she tries to save Brexit deal

12.12.2018 Embattled British Prime Minister Theresa May met sympathy but a firm rebuff on a lightning tour of European capitals on Tuesday, with EU leaders ruling out any renegotiation of the Brexit deal..

AAP Markets Report December 12

12.12.2018 Movements on overseas markets..

$32tn investor vehicle calls for immediate climate change action

11.12.2018 A leading group of investors responsible for $32tn worth of funds has called upon world leaders and negotiators to take immediate action on climate change or risk the global economy facing collapse..

Australian banks prepare to sell off their ATMs

11.12.2018 In a further sign that Australia is slowly but surely heading toward a cashless society, Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has confirmed that it has given its approval for the leading Australian banks to sell off their ATM holdings..

New Taco Bell push to test Aussie appetite

11.12.2018 Dual-listed fast food franchisee operator Restaurant Brands New Zealand is set to open 60 Taco Bell stores in NZ, NSW and the ACT, starting in 2019..

18 Share Tips - 10 December 2018

10.12.2018 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

Active role for Exchange Traded Funds

10.12.2018 Strategy for investors to profit from a potential short-term recovery in S&P/ASX 200 index..

Seeking Alpha in Medical Treatment Stocks

10.12.2018 Most high-risk retail investors remain in a never-ending pursuit of ?seeking alpha?....

Junior Gold Mining Stocks Poised To Surge

10.12.2018 The definitive list of elite 'junior' gold stocks to analyze comes from the world?s most-popular junior-gold-stock investment vehicle..

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