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Sunday 31

August, 2014 2:30 PM

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Stocks to watch on Friday

29.08.2014 Stocks of interest on the Australian Securities Exchange at close on Friday.

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Stockwatch to August 29

29.08.2014 Stocks to watch on the Australian stock exchange at close on Friday: .

Flat day on the share market

29.08.2014 Falls by miners and the retail giants have been offset by gains in other sectors to leave the share market flat..

High Aussie dollar means no rate hike

29.08.2014 Forecasts of an RBA interest rate hike are being pushed further into the future as the high Australian dollar weighs on the economy..

Earnings season: all profit, no growth

29.08.2014 Shareholders have done well out of the latest reporting season, but analysts warn a lack of sales growth could come back to bite everyone next year..

Transfield returns to profit

29.08.2014 Transfield Services bounced back into the black in the past year says positive momentum is building..

Masters losses no blow to Woolies' profit

29.08.2014 Woolworths' annual profit has grown to $2.45 billion as its giant supermarket and liquor business improved, but Big W and Masters struggled..

Small-cap stock that performs in good and bad markets

25.08.2014 It is a good sign when companies can maintain a high Return on Equity (ROE), or lift it, in challenging markets. .

18 Share Tips - 25 August 2014

25.08.2014 18 Share Tips to BUY, SELL & HOLD from Australia's leading brokers.

2 stocks with exposure to a big theme

25.08.2014 Wealth managers have excellent leverage to continued gains in global markets .

8 Graphite Miners Exploring for the "New Black Gold" and the "Next Mining Boom"

25.08.2014 Now we have another candidate for bringing a new mining boom to Australia - graphite..


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