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Tuesday 06

October, 2015 2:50 PM

Share market's rally continues

06.10.2015 Investors continue to push the share market higher, with the strongest gains coming among the banks and big miners..

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Trade deal, easy monetary policy boost Asia stocks

06.10.2015 Agreement on a Pacific-wide free-trade agreement and hopes for extended easy monetry policy fired another rally.

Oil prices hold above $46 ahead of US inventories report

06.10.2015 Oil prices held above $46 a barrel in Asia Tuesday.

Dollar holds steady on improved risk appetite

06.10.2015 The dollar held its ground Tuesday against major currencies.

How Glencore moved markets

06.10.2015 Stock market prices have long been recognised as being more volatile than is really justified by the underlying performance of the companies..

Fed's Serious Inflation Risks

06.10.2015 Excessive central-bank money printing throughout history always leads to serious inflation..

Top 10 shorted stocks

06.10.2015 Each week we feature the top 10 shorted stocks on the ASX.

Why analysts are bullish on Newcrest Mining

06.10.2015 Lower Australian dollar will boost local gold producers and those with offshore operations .

Trader's Toolkit - Simple Moving Average (SMA)

06.10.2015 SMA receives the highest rating because it is the easiest to understand, construct and the most reliable of the moving averages..

18 Share Tips - 5 October 2015

06.10.2015 18 Share Tips to BUY, SELL & HOLD from Australia's leading brokers.

Stocks Beating the Downtrend

06.10.2015 "There's always a Bull Market somewhere.".

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