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Thursday 18

October, 2018 8:50 PM

ASIC winds up 17 abandoned companies

18.10.2018 The Australian Securities and Investments Commission in the past year appointed liquidators to 17 companies abandoned across Australia..

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Swedish bank Nordea targeted in money laundering allegations

18.10.2018 Sweden's financial crime unit said Wednesday it had received a complaint against Scandinavia's biggest bank, Nordea, for alleged money laundering following on from a massive scandal engulfing Danske Bank..

CommSec Executive Series: Galena Mining

18.10.2018 CommSec Executive Series: Galena Mining (G1A) CEO & Managing Director, Alex Molyneux.

The Daily Fix - Inter-Market Analysis and Macro Insights

18.10.2018 It's a tough market, and we are in the process of seeing fairly messy price action in equities....

Household waste converted to electricity

18.10.2018 Up to 400,000 tonnes of WA's household, commercial and industrial waste per year will be converted into electricity in a $668 million renewable energy project..

Global trade wars risk 'millions of jobs': WTO chief

18.10.2018 Escalating trade wars "pose real risks" to the global economy, potentially threatening millions of jobs, head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Roberto Azevedo warned in a London speech on Wednesday..

Draft laws to establish $1b housing fund

18.10.2018 Draft laws to establish a $1 billion housing infrastructure fund have been introduced to federal parliament..

18 Share Tips - 15 October 2018

15.10.2018 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

Macpac dresses up Super Retail Group

15.10.2018 Outdoorwear market has improving momentum in Australia. .

The Graphene Promise - Disruptor or Disrupted

15.10.2018 What's the 'next big thing' to hit the market?.

Brexit and surrounding politics

15.10.2018 The analysis has three prongs. Only one would console the UK - but with a twist..

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