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Wednesday 18

July, 2018 8:02 PM

Bankwest to close 29 branches

18.07.2018 Bankwest is closing 29 branches on Australia's east coast, which will affect about 200 staff, as customers increasingly use mobile banking..

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NBN continues to stockpile copper

18.07.2018 Labor has taken aim at the Turnbull government over the NBN stockpiling copper cable for the broadband network rollout..

In China, yellow robots deliver snacks to your home

18.07.2018 Along a quiet residential street on the outer edges of Beijing, a yellow and black cube about the size of a small washing machine trundles leisurely to its destination..

Reserve closely watching rates: Morrison

18.07.2018 The Reserve Bank has made it clear interest rates were unlikely to move in the short term or into early 2019, says the treasurer..

Income tax continues to do heavy lifting

18.07.2018 The Parliamentary Budget Office has cast its eye over the future of tax revenue in Australia, and says federal coffers will become more reliant on income tax..

Adani Qld mine rail line financing 'close'

18.07.2018 The son of the CEO of Adani says the company has nearly locked in financing for a rail line to service its Carmichael coal mine in Queensland..

As Amazon slashes prices, Bezos sees jump in wealth

18.07.2018 As Amazon marked its "Prime Day" with price cuts across a range of products, founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos saw his net worth hit new peaks, increasing his lead over fellow billionaires..

18 Share Tips - 16 July 2018

16.07.2018 Buys, sells, and holds - 18 Share Tips for the week.

Urban nomads trend opens investment opportunities

16.07.2018 Companies focusing on rentals sector look attractive as house prices become too dear for many.

Cashing in on the international student boom

16.07.2018 There are four ASX stocks in the sector showing dramatic share price performance over the last two years..

Extreme asset prices fuelled by cheap money

16.07.2018 The prices of houses, shares and other assets are close to extreme highs by historic standards. .

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