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December, 201412:26 AM

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Stocks to watch on Monday

22.12.2014 Stocks of interest on the Australian Securities Exchange at CLOSE on Monday.

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Oil price rebound helps $A

22.12.2014 A rebound in oil prices is helping support the Australian dollar following last week's sharp fall to fresh four year lows..

Aust share market up more than 1.5pc

22.12.2014 Investors are anticipating that there is more upside in the rally..

Kathmandu shares plunge on profit warning

22.12.2014 Kathmandu says Christmas sales in Australia have been subdued..

APN buys 96FM from Fairfax

22.12.2014 Fairfax has sold Perth radio station 96FM to APN for $78 million and will merge the rest of its network with Macquarie.

Ten Reasons Why a Severe Drop in Oil Prices is a Problem

22.12.2014 How can the steep drop in oil prices we have recently been experiencing also be a problem?.

Gold Stocks Shine in 2015

22.12.2014 The sole reason gold suffered such an extreme down year in 2013 was the Fed's stock-market-levitating QE3 campaign. .

What's happened to oil and gas stocks?

22.12.2014 Firms like Goldman Sachs had been predicting declines as far back as July of 2014, but not the collapse we have seen..

The Aussie dollar at US75 cents: good or bad?

22.12.2014 Mr Stevens is plainly trying to manage many different things: inflation, economic growth, housing prices, and the Australian dollar. .

Best and worst ideas of 2014

22.12.2014 Housing and US stocks still the themes to follow.

18 Share Tips - 22 December 2014

22.12.2014 18 Share Tips to BUY, SELL & HOLD from Australia's leading brokers.


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